Rolling to Edinburgh
August 9, 2007

Ock hey da do jimmy.

Well I am here safe and sound and I am riding the cobbled streets in my wheelchair like a formula 1 racing driver (or is that in my dreams?). I am bouncing up and down the Royal Mile wondering if I might of made a mistake with the implants!!

I was told to expect to be exhausted and having just finished six performances of my play rolling with laughter at the JokerDome and spent eight days bouncing up the streets of Edinburgh handing out flyers I had to give in to it and go to bed early last night.

Lightweight I know, shocked me as well.

Having just finished Rolling with Laughter in Los Angeles where life is all about the stars I wasn't expecting to arrive in Edinburgh and find it's the same here.

Not celebs stars though. Stars or should I say how many of them you can get attached to your reviews. Five of them mean you have some rocking and rolling show and four means you have some moving and shaking piece for folk to see.

Both mean more kudos for your work and so imagine how well I slept last night having received a five star review in Threeweeks and two four stars, one in The Metro and one with

Boy I like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival very much. I am off now to do more jumping off my seat and search for wee cute people to give my flyers too.

© Natasha Wood 2009