LA Men and date it for
June 16, 2007

Four dates, six doughnuts and can somebody please help me book a funeral.

Over the last few weeks, I have--all in the name of research I add--been on four dates. But oh my god, what is it about men these days?

The first cried about his dog.

The second talked for 45 minutes about his therapist.

The third talked for 45 minutes about why I hadn't got a therapist.

And the fourth didn't talk at all.

I made this big decision that it was time to get back out there, let the horse see the cart, get back on the saddle.

It's like riding a bike they say!

Crap, that's what I say - crap.

I did a pit stop - oiled my nuts and pumped up my tires but NO.

Variety is the spice of life they say!

Crap, that's what I say - crap.

I varied the age, height, weight and hair length but NO.

Men are like buses they say, wait for ages and then they all come at once!

I'll get a taxis thanks is what I say.

Put it down to a bad experience they say.

Alright, ah well maybe Edinburgh will be better?

Cockey do doo jimmy!
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