Living The Dream
April 12 , 2007

Well my LA press release says "through a few tears and a lot of laughter, she's rolling on.."

Ey, well nobody warned me of how many pairs of knickers I'd be getting through a day.

I opened the play this week to a packed house in Hollywood and what an opening it was!

The nerves kicked in and I had the most overwhelming experience I have ever had (except for me wedding night of course).

The guests included West Wing cast members including the very lovely Allison Janney, Ann Rutherford (Gone with the Wind) awesome, Valerie Harper (Rhoda), was a big fan, Beth Grant (Little Miss Sunshine) who I am the biggest fan of plus many dear friends, teachers and supporters I have met along the way - check out pictures.

Last night the play was covered by a LIVE FOX news broadcast here in LA - see link below and is being aired again on Fox That's so Hollywood on Saturday (14th April) at 6pm and Sunday (15th April) at 11pm - channel 13 for locals.

Watch FOX broadcast

Although I am not keen on that 10 pounds the camera puts on, surely in this day and age they can bloody fix that.

I have 4 more weeks of performing in LA so please pass on to friends and come and enjoy the ride at The El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood - I will provide the clean underwear.

Although the concept began at the end of last summer it wasn't until January that I had a very rough outline of a play. It lacked depth, emotion, characters and for a while back I thought I could just get people to come in, show em my implants and send em home smiling - although I keep that in reserve!

Instead I began work with Beverly Sanders who can only be described as a bloody marvelous woman. She got the whip out and used her incredible knowledge and experience to take me on the ride of MY life - literally. And with us writing an autobiographical journey it was a stroke a luck that all the stories were in my memory bank and all true - every word.

In my search for a director - with only one MUST in mind - that he's handsome, hot and good with his hands, oops I mean his vision.

I was lucky enough to find the very gorgeous Cameron Watson.

Just for added kick he's a dab hand at this theatre stuff and turns out he's written and directed his own movie with a fabulous cast called "Our Very Own' and just sold it to Miramax / Disney - DVD launch this summer - order it, it's fantastic!

To add to the finishing touches, a dear friend Brittany (not Spears) presents me with a hip hop cool song to play out at the end of the show and would you Adam and Eve it, she wrote it all about me and called it 'Rolling with Laughter'.It's fantastic, written & performed by Brittany. Thank you so much Brittany.

So 9 ½ weeks later and eh presto we have a one woman play called Rolling with Laughter and if anybody has an apartment in Hawaii, I'd love holiday.

Seriously after a long slog and I don't just mean recently, I am finally having a blast again and very excited about the year ahead which began in Hollywood this week and ends in the West End to 1150 people on Sunday the 30th March 08 for the UK SMA charity The Jennifer Trust via Edinburgh and New York.

Am living it baby!


© Natasha Wood 2009