It's A Dog's Life
January 11 , 2007

It really should be a dog's Life.

I had eight wonderful years with Zoe Wood, my very own black Labrador assistance dog from the charity Dogs for the Disabled.

She rocked.

She picked things up when I dropped them, opened doors when I needed and provided a single girl with a whole lot of attention with her cute tushy.

But a few weeks ago, it was time for her to retire and so I flew her from the States back home to the Middle of England where she is currently maxin and relaxin by the fire with her new family.

To enhance my sadness and loneliness, yesterday I was reminded of the saying

“Dogs bring you happiness”

I wandered back to my hotel and right there in the lobby in BIG letters on the notice board was:


Holy Moly!

Now to everyone else it was the Police Dog Handlers International Annual Conference.

To me it was bloody Xmas all over again.

Over a hundred cute police officers each with their very own adorable K9.

Not one to sit in my room and wallow in self pity, I got to the bar to introduce myself and make new friends.

Girls - and boys of course. if you’re on that bus - take note.

Forget firemen.

(I have now).

These are the men worth marrying.

The motto on their merchandise read:-

In Dog We Trust.

That’s right I said to Jack from Ohio and you can trust this frisky bitch too.

I am telling ya, these are the men of the future.

I took a peak at the literature detailing their lectures and believe me, they

are taught stuff ya dream of your man knowing.




Oral Care.

Skin Care.

Things to live a long, healthy and happy life.

They are trained that love and attention gives healing powers, that fitness is vital and they are given firm tips on enhancing life, love and building stronger emotional bonds.

Alright, alright so this is with their dog but once the training is in the body, it’s in isn’t it?

Finally I leave you with their daily slogan.

Safety, Service and Security.

I am back off to the bar to get me a bit a that, it’s a three day conference - Yipee!

Happy New Year.

—Tash x

© Natasha Wood 2009