Shop Till I Drop
December 20, 2006

Xmas to me means only one thing.


Although, I am not a girl who needs any excuse to shop.

“My name is Natasha Wood and I am shopaholic”.

I’ve known for years that I was single handedly put on this earth to shop and boy is I good at it.

No matter how low life gets I can pull myself from the gutter and whiz out to buy new clothes, concluding that the only therapy this chick has ever needed is retail therapy.

So to test a theory, all in the name of material for my show I decide to attempt to act out a few scenes from the movie Pretty Woman.

Well I am in Hollywood.

Last week I went to Rodeo Drive baby and wandered into a VERY expensive shop, went straight over to the counter and asked the nice lady if she was the Manager.

To which she smiled and nodded.

I placed my gold credit card on the counter and told her:-

“I intend to spend an obscene amount of money here”

Unlike the movie, she did not ask how much or begin sweating.

Unlike the movie, Mary Pat, Mary Kate and Mary Francis didn’t appear from the back.

Unlike the movie, I didn’t prance around in the fitting rooms trying outfits.

And the nice lady was positively disturbed when I tried to order pizza!

(Freaking out that the smell would ruin the clothes).

So with this devastating realization I left the shop having purchased a scarf I now need to get a bank loan for and walked further down Rodeo Drive to the Regent Beverly Wiltshire to inspect the elevator and see if it really did have a sofa in it for two.

Get out a here, I couldn’t get one leg on it, never mind share it with anyone else.

I guess it really does only happen in films.

But am a believer me, a fighter, a dreamer, I love the movies and as long as I am in this town I will keep trying to live the life.

Merry Christmas & welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream?


—Tash x

© Natasha Wood 2009