Kids, don't ya just love em!
December 11, 2006

My brother, his wife and two kids live in the countryside with an array of animals and in particular an abundance of horses.

The eldest Olivia (13) show jumps for England whilst the youngest Issy (11) is quite clearly going to follow her aunty into showbiz.

Yesterday I received a text from her:-

“Tasha – it’s Issy on mum’s phone – just remember, while your over there glitz in it up in LA, give a thought for me – I am here shoveling horse shit”

(Her mum will kill her and me for this).

You can always rely on kids to bring you back to reality and of course speak the truth.

Twelve years ago I took my little sister Tammy and 8 of her friends to an indoor play centre for her birthday party.

I rounded them up like cattle and began my Health & Safety talk.

One of the very cute little girls leaned in to me and said:-

“Natasha I think you are really pretty”

I am telling ya, this warm rush came all over me and I remember giving her a BIG smile in return for the compliment.

She then went on to say:-

“A bit fat though”

I was.

Bloody kids, I stopped all baby sitting from that day on and at that time fat wasn’t the new thin so I set about losing weight – lots of it.

I ate chicken and banana’s for ten months and began swimming 3 times a week.

I proved the doctors wrong by developing muscle tone thought impossible for one of my lot and the most exciting thing of all was I realized knee caps were meant to be boney – and I finally found me boney bits.

Don’t get me wrong I was equally happy being fat but I always remember a dog trainer saying:-

“Fat dogs die young”

And am telling ya, this bitch wasn’t ready to be going anywhere.

Besides imagine how experienced I became with bananas!

Kid’s, don’t ya just love em!

—Tash x

© Natasha Wood 2009